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    Escape the monotonous seasonal module and go rouge with monochrome. A go-to look has never been so refined, masculine, and gentlemanly classic. Both demanding and subdued, the sharp contrasts are

    How To Wear Monochome Every Season
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    October 02, 2016
    Words by Tia Muhammad

    Escape the monotonous seasonal module and go rouge with monochrome. A go-to look has never been so refined, masculine, and gentlemanly classic. Both demanding and subdued, the sharp contrasts are overtly crisp and simplistically clean. Charged with symbolisms of power and sophistication, let black-and-white set your tone of style, year-round.

    Keeping warm during the autumn/winter months is hard enough and finding a fresh take on a chunky knit sweater may be a feat of its own. Choose a lightweight knit like the MaXhosa Monochrome Knitwear by Laduma. Made in South Africa, the merino wool and kid mohair mixed sweater has a modern take on traditional Xhosa-inspired beadwork patterns, symbolisms, and colors. A thinly knit collar, lined with ivory triple-knot buttons, anchors this printed sweater to a focal point of distinguished purpose. Designed to be suitable for amakrwala initiates, the Xhosa tradition to dress up in new-dignified formal clothing was reinterpreted by Laduma’s knitwear. The MaXhosa brand brings Xhosa aesthetics, rituals, and culture to a modern global audience.

    For the colder months add a simple black or white turtleneck underneath to achieve a spirited yet genuine bravura. It will keep you warm and in style.

    Switch it up to go from lax to luxe when you pair it with a slim-fit dress shirt and tailored pant to match. Sticking to the monochrome look during these seasons makes bundling up with style look effortless.

    When the heat hits, the last thing you want to be seen in is a chromatic look. Diverting from the sweltering exhaust with a tried-and-true monochromatic ensemble will be your go-to combination. The MaXhosa Monochrome Golf Shirt by Laduma is a prime antidote to breaking the winds of spring and beating the heat of summer. Its interlock knit motif is equipped with short sleeves and a classic two-button closure. Lined with a nimble horizon haze blue, the eye-catching trim adds dimension to the tribal monochromatic aesthetic. The opposing collar adds a clean, tailored look. This light and airy mercerized cotton shirt is perfect to suit up in spring with your favorite black dress pant and classic leather loafers.

    The Sithole Shirt by LAURENCEAIRLINE is one to bring out for that classic summer narrative. Nights will be sweeter and days will be that much more cooler in this contemporary crisp cotton shirt. Cascading with monochromatic dots and a streamlined button trim of horizontal stripes, the design is crowned with an unyielding collar sparked with African flair.

    Operating out of Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire and Paris, France, the Ivory Coast-born menswear designer, Laurence Chauvin Buthaud mirrors the double culture of African and European within her brand. Upholding a creed to produce high-quality apparel only in the Ivory Coast while promoting internationally, LAURENCEAIRLINE exudes a sustainable and conscious nomadic lifestyle. Dress the new-age classic shirt in black skinny jeans and a dark hard-bottomed shoe for dapper style.

    No matter the season, with our styling tips, you can conquer the juxtaposition of monochromatic year-round.

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