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    Côte d'Ivoire native, Laurence Chauvin Buthaud fostered her own sustainable and conscious creed: “to source and produce high-quality garments in Africa”.

    Shirts from African Brand: Just a little print
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    December 18, 2016
    Words by Tia Muhammad

    What’s your tailored taste? Is it the color that draws your eye first? The designer’s signature cut? …or the impactful symbolism it holds that resonates with you? Whichever it may be, our suggestion? Choose wisely. Tailored commodities are in it for the long haul. Both a representation of status, style, and pride, such assets can echo a professional-meets-cultured lifestyle while keeping you in line with your ethical stance.

    Côte d'Ivoire native, Laurence Chauvin Buthaud fostered her own sustainable and conscious creed: “to source and produce high-quality garments in Africa”. Through her contemporary line LAURENCEAIRLINE , crossing cultures of both African and European, the brand echoes a multidimensional lifestyle from classic cuts to urban aesthetics. Stirring a colorful mixture of timeless silhouettes and bold artisan prints…

    Let’s take a look to see which is suitable for your tailored needs:

    The Forest Hill Triad

    Want a seat at the table? Take your pick from these three proper & boastful tailored shirts to make sure you’re at the head chair. Handmade in Abidjan, this 100% cotton triad is minimalistic in print and traditional in cut. The Dayano Print Shirt is by far supreme in style and exquisite in quality. The Kribi Pattern Shirt and Kutuba Print Shirt features a stylistic color block, hidden button-down front and forest green front panels. The distinct orange wild fleur vine print, leveled with simple tailoring, gives these LAURENCEAIRLINE shirts the ability to walk the line between flashy and formal, yet never failing to impress us. Solidify your stance on style when your pair them with clean-cut denim and a SAWA shoe.

    The Triple Tailored Threat

    Sharp with next-level tailoring, LAURENCEAIRLINE’s triple tailored threats should seriously be on every man’s must-have list. From date night to the company party—The Kumio Shirt is one to stir things up a bit with its mixed plaid yolk and contemporary fit. Both the Aguti Dress Shirt and Kolia Print Shirt commit to a streamlined effect with solid color blocking and distinctive stripes. Polish the cotton threads up with a Simon and Mary hat and dark navy dress pants to place your style as a permanent fixture on anyone’s best-dressed list.

    The Royal Pack

    Majestic to ultra regal— The royal pack is nothing less than immaculate. Made in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, the 100% cotton LAURENCEAIRLINE shirts embody traditional style with deep-rooted pride. Standing crisp and clean is the Sithole Shirt doused atop in monochrome dots, and finished with tribal print shoulder varnishes. Apt for a daytime look, take this shirt out for a day party to shake things up a bit. For the night, create the ultimate royal flush in the Sokta Shirt and Songou Shirt as the cobalt blue demands for attention. The triple-colored combination square off in design, making these shirts perfect to pair with any solid pant topped off with an heirloom timepiece. Fit for only the chosen few—take a sartorial risk. We promise it almost always pays off.